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PreK-K Old Testament Overview: Preschool and Kindergarten Bible students will take an unforgettable stick figure journey through the Old Testament with this children’s Bible study. This hands-on children’s Bible curriculum uses interactive lessons designed to engage 3-7 year olds and keep the interest of each child. Young children will learn how God interacted with people of the Old Testament.

The PreK-K Teacher book includes the following four parts:

Part 1: Creation to the Babel
Part 2: Abraham to the Tabernacle
Part 3: The Twelve Spies to Solomon
Part 4: The Temple to Nehemiah

47 Weekly Lessons or 94 Daily Lessons

PreK-K Resurrection Studies: Take your preschool and kindergarten Bible students back to Jerusalem to study the last week of Jesus’ earthly life. Beginning with the Last Supper, your students watch the events of the last night of Jesus’ earthly life unfold as they read and draw.

11 Weekly Lessons or 22 Daily Lessons

The Birth of Jesus: Saddle up your donkey and take your preschool and kindergarten students on an unforgettable journey back in time to discover the amazing events that surround Jesus’ birth.

7 Weekly Lessons or 14 Daily Lessons

You will be shipped

PreK-K Old Testament Overview Teacher Book
PreK-K Resurrection Teacher Book
PreK-K Birth of Jesus Teacher Book

In addition, you will also receive download links for

PreK-K Old Testament Overview  Traceable Family License
PreK-K Old Testament Overview Student Family License
PreK-K Resurrection Traceable Student Family License
PreK-K Resurrection Student Family License
PreK-K Birth of Jesus Traceable Student Family License
PreK-K Birth of Jesus Student Family License
PreK-K Old Testament Daily Schedule Parts 1 to 4 PDF
PreK-K Resurrection Daily Schedule PDF
PreK-K Birth of Jesus Daily Schedule PDF

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Items needed for this study:

Student Supply List: Bible, Student or Traceable Book, and colored pencils.

Teacher Supply List: Bible, Teacher Book, dry erase board & markers (8 colors), and Bible dictionary.

Be sure to order both the Teacher and Student Books.

Sample Lessons



Sample Lessons


Sample Lessons



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