Old Testament Wall Timeline


Old Testament Wall Timeline

If the Bible was a puzzle, many of us have several pieces grouped together, but what we lack is our frame completed. Maybe you have your frame mostly in place, but you want to teach the Bible timeline to your children or students. The Old Testament Timeline study is just the tool you need!

Using stick figures, words, symbols, and colors, you will lay out for your students the major characters and events in a memorable way. You will help them to see where the Bible story pieces fit into biblical history.

This Wall Timeline includes:

  • Stick figures for each of the major characters and events
  • Teacher notes explaining each character and event (teacher book)
  • Student pages to draw the timeline (student book)
  • The first of 3 symbols explaining the Gospel
  • Counting the generations from Adam to Jesus
  • Where the books of the Old Testament fit into the biblical timeline

The Old Testament timeline is something every believer should know because it gives context to characters and events of the Bible. When a child understands the timeline of the Bible, they are better equipped to understand passages and apply them to their lives. Get your biblical framework in place today! Order now!

11 Glossy Card Stock pages

8.5 inches x 11 inches

Notes explaining each of the characters and events on the timeline can be found in our Old Testament Timeline Notes orĀ  Old Testament Overview studies.


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Student Wall Timeline

Student Wall Timeline: is over 10 feet long and contains eleven 8.5 x 11 glossy card stock pages. Students add the stick figure drawings to this timeline.


Teacher Wall Timeline

Teacher Wall Timeline is over 10 feet long and contains eleven 8.5 x 11 glossy card stock pages. Stick figure drawings are included on this timeline.


Student Wall Family License PDF

Student Wall Timeline Family License: allows you to make copies of the timeline for your immediate family.


Student Wall Class License PDF

Student Wall Timeline Class License: allows you to make copies of the timeline for one classroom (up to 30 students) for one calendar year after purchase.


Teacher Wall License PDF

Teacher Wall Timeline License: allows one teacher to make copies of the Teacher book for their own personal use. Non-transferable.


Items needed for this study:

Student Supply List: Student Wall Timeline and colored markers (8 colors)

Teacher Supply List: Bible, Teacher Wall Timeline and Timeline Notes, dry erase board & markers (8 colors). The Old Testament Timeline Notes explain each character and event on the timeline.

Student Sample

Teacher Sample


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