Grades 3-4: Level 2 New Testament Overview – Part 2


Your students will stick figure the New Testament timeline from Jesus calming the sea to His trials in Jerusalem. After students are introduced to the timeline, they will look at what Jesus did through His ministry years. Students will learn how Jesus performed miracles, taught His disciples, and was sentenced to death. Level 2 students will also memorize extra Bible facts.

Upon completing this study, Level 2 students will be able to draw the second part of the New Testament timeline independently and recite memory verses from this part of Scripture. Begin the adventure today!

12 Weekly Lessons or 45 Daily Lessons

Which is best for you? Books or eBooks

Be sure to order both the Teacher Book and Student Books for this study.

Details Price QTY

Teacher Book

Teacher Book: lesson notes, timelines, stick figure drawings, lesson goals & key points, memory verses, and review questions & answers. Books come with loose-leaf pages ready for your binder. 100 pages

$22.50 $13.50

Student Family License eBook

Student Family License eBook: allows you to make copies of the Student book for your immediate family.

$10.00 $8.00

Student Class License eBook

Student Class License eBook: allows you to make copies of the Student book for one classroom (up to 30 students) for one calendar year after purchase.

$37.50 $30.00

Teacher License eBook

Teacher License eBook: allows one teacher to make copies of the Teacher book for their own personal use. Non-transferable.

$18.00 $14.40

Schedule - Daily PDF

Daily Schedule: for homeschooling, Christian Schools, preschools, and family devotions. Time needed: 15-20 minutes per day.


Schedule- Weekly PDF

Weekly Schedule: for Sunday School, weekly Bible Study, and co-ops. Time needed: 40-55 minutes per week.


Items needed for this study:

Student Supply List: Bible, Student Book, and colored pencils.

Teacher Supply List: Bible, Teacher Book, dry erase board & markers (8 colors), and Bible dictionary.

Be sure to order both the Teacher and Student Books.

Student Sample

Teacher Sample

Samples are from Old Testament Part 1 and are given as an example for each level.


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