Beauty Secrets of the Bible


A woman’s longing to present herself as physically beautiful is universal. Beauty is extolled throughout the Bible as complementing God’s plan for women’s lives. Every woman can accentuate her God-given beauty using the hidden treasures of the ancient Scriptures–where every scent and every act of beautification had spiritual and emotional significance.

Beautiful women abound in the Bible: Queen Esther, the bride of Solomon, Delilah, Rachel, Sarah, and more. Their beauty was a gift from God, and God also supplied the many foods, spices, and oils that perfected each woman’s appearance. In Beauty Secrets of the Bible, Ginger Garrett helps readers accent their God-given beauty using these secrets by examining the beauty practices of biblical women, the plants and products God created to accent their beauty, and the spiritual roots of feminine rituals.

Women who read this book will understand the essential oils and fragrances mentioned in Scripture and why they are making a comeback. They will then be able to create a regimen based on all-natural ancient products and techniques. Beauty Secrets of the Bible gives readers what other beauty books lack: the knowledge that a woman’s unique earthly beauty is indeed a blessing from God that can be cultivated.

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