How to Teach

At Grapevine Studies we attempt to teach each age group according to the needs of the students.

Stick Figuring is an ancient method of teaching which continues to be effective even in the 21st century. Grapevine Studies creatively integrates stick figures, timelines, words, symbols, and colors to teach the Bible. This unique Bible study will stimulate your student’s imagination and engage their intellect as they see how the Bible fits together!

As students work through the four-part-lessons they will come to know and understand the biblical characters and events in terms of their context, chronology, and geography.

Below we have put the direction for teaching specific to each level in the links below. If you have any further questions about teaching our studies, please contact us.

Beginner – Ages 5-7   How to Teach

Level 1 – Ages 6-8   How to Teach

Level 2 – Ages 8-10   How to Teach

Level 3 – Ages 10-13   How to Teach

Level 4 – Ages 13- Up   How to Teach

Elementary  – Ages 7 and Up   How to Teach

Catechism – Ages 7 and up   How to Teach