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About Our “Bible Heroes” Bundle:

  • Includes these Bible Studies: Joseph, Moses, Ruth and Esther
  • Points children to Christ
  • Easy to use for parents and teachers
  • Stick Figures keep kids engaged
  • We teach the Bible facts, YOU add the doctrine

Save 20% During July Only!

Our Bible Studies are SO easy to teach.  Moms and Sunday School Teachers love them!

Teacher notes tell the teacher what to say.

Arrows next to words in the notes tell you what words to look up in a Bible dictionary.

Stars next to locations in the notes tell you what maps to look up in the back of the book.

As the Scripture is read, the teacher will stick figure that portion. While students are drawing, the teacher can discuss.

Review questions and answers are also provided.

Through these easy methods, students will learn context, chronology, and geography.

Plus so much more to help your kids gets the most out of your Bible Study time!

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Our Studies are for kids ages 3-13 and they can all be taught at once!

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Our Bible studies include age appropriate lessons for ages 5-13.  And yes, we make it easy to teach multiple ages at the same time!

Young students learn the major characters and events through hearing the Bible, stick figuring the passage, and answering questions about lessons. The method for young children is Hear-Draw-Review.

Once students reach first grade we introduce them to the timeline of biblical characters and events. The first lesson in these studies are the timeline, then each subsequent lesson relates to a character or event on the timeline. The method for older students is Read-Draw-Review. With each progressive age, we attempt to introduce students to more Scripture, basic Bible geography, and how to use Bible study skills such as a Bible dictionary.

For more information, see How to Teach.

Our studies are for any Christian denomination.

Our studies teach Bible facts.  YOU add the doctrine!

Our studies teach Bible facts and leave application to the teacher. Our curriculum is currently used in a wide variety of denominations on five continents. Please see the Statement of Faith for Grapevine Studies.

Download a Free Sample Lesson!

Want to see exactly what our Bible Study lessons look like?  Click the links the below to see lesson from the Ruth study.

Ruth Teach Guide Sample

Ruth Student Sample

Ruth Traceable Sample

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The -Bible Heroes Bundles- includes studies your kids will love!

Moses 3d_795x1003Moses

Beginning in Goshen you will introduce your students to the events surrounding the birth of Moses. Learn the reason he left Egypt and what happened to him when he settled in Midian. As the story unfolds, you will see how God used Moses to interact with Pharaoh, the people of Egypt, and the children of Israel. Finally, you teach how God, with a mighty hand, delivered the children of Israel out of bondage in Egypt and took them through the sea on dry ground. This is a timeless story of God’s love for His people and His desire that they be free from bondage to serve Him. 13 Weekly Lessons or 46 Daily Lessons

Joseph 3d_795x1003Joseph

Walk alongside your students as they journey with Joseph from a prince in Canaan, to a slave in Egypt, to the courts of Pharaoh. Introduce your students to seventeen year old Joseph as he leaves the tents of Jacob to serve in the house of Potiphar. Your students will see how Joseph reacted to his slavery and false accusations and how God used difficult circumstances in Joseph’s life to prepare him to save thousands of people, including those who mistreated him. Joseph’s story is one of betrayal, forgiveness, and restoration. Your students will enjoy this engaging Bible study! 14 Weekly Lessons or 50 Daily Lessons.

Esther 3d_795x1003Esther

Travel back to ancient Persia and watch King Ahasuersus as he begins his search for a new queen after banishing Vashti. See a beautiful, young, Jewish woman named Esther become queen in her place. Watch God use the courage of Esther, with the help of Mordecai, to foil an evil plot by Haman to kill the Jews. Finally, learn more about the celebration of Purim and why it is celebrated yearly! 9 Weekly Lessons or 30 Daily Lessons.

Ruth 3d_795x1003Ruth

Travel to Moab where you will be introduced to Ruth and Naomi, and journey with them as they leave Moab and resettle in Bethlehem. Watch as Ruth works hard in the fields gleaning barley and wheat for food. See what happens when Ruth is noticed by Boaz, the owner of the grain fields. Learn how Boaz becomes the kinsman-redeemer of Naomi’s inheritance and then marries Ruth. This is a timeless love story that has many parallels for believers today! Students will easily remember what they learn as they draw their way through the book of Ruth. Begin your journey today! 5 Weekly Lessons or 18 Daily Lessons

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What others are saying…

Christa Brown:

We’ve started off the year studying and drawing our way through the book of Esther. And I was right, my kids love it! “I love this! I could do it all day!” I knew this would be a big hit with my Princess. This was also adaptable enough for my 4 and 6 year old to join in the fun as well. Christa Read my full review at

Leah Courtney:

The Grapevine studies are unique. As you go through the lessons, the students draw stick figures representing parts of the story in their student book. This creates a notebook style resource for them to look back over to remember the lessons they have learned. The object isn’t to draw the best stick figures. This isn’t an art course. Instead the stick figure drawings provide a way for instruction to happen in the three basic learning styles. Students hear the lesson (auditory). They draw it out (kinesthetic or hands on). And then they have a picture of what they learned (visual). I love the fact that the Grapevine studies are also chronological. There is always a timeline of the events that the study is going to cover at the beginning so that you can refer to it as you move through the lessons in a chronological way. I’m a huge fan of timelines, and I like that the Bible is presented as history when it’s taught this way. – See more at:

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